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Steel choice criteria for die casting dies

This document originates from an idea launched by members of the Pressure Die Casting Research Centre at AIM (Associazione Italiana di Metallurgia), the Italian Metallurgy Association. The work started half-way through 2003 and finished at the end of 2005. The idea arose out of the obvious need to provide users of hot-work tool steel engaged in pressure die casting – namely, foundries and die makers – with a coherent technical document that clearly identified the properties that materials for making pressure die casting equipment should have to ensure a proper level of performance.
The working party consists of representatives of steel manufacturers, foundries and heat treatment operators, universities and testing and diagnostic laboratories. The work aims to provide a document to help the user choose a structured system by considering the following factors:
•Required performance properties.
•Metallurgical and technological limitations to production
•Steel processing and treatment.
This document is intended to be a concise and organic tool to complement and supplement already existing pressure die-casting blueprints. Technological and scientific developments in the industry mean that this version is unlikely to be final since it remains subject to any amendments and additions that may assist in fully attaining the initial goal.

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