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Luglio/Agosto 2022
July/August 2022

Numero dedicato a Acciai inossidabili / Stainless Steels  

Memorie Scientifiche / Scientific papers

Enhancement of ductility of work hardened strips in AISI 301 austenitic stainless steel
D. Montepagano, I. Citi, R. Guerra, P.E. Di Nunzio, F. Ruffini

The effect of hot rolling and coiling temperature on microstructure and texture of ferritic stainless steel
A. Kisko, A. Kaijalainen, L. Kurtti, S. Kodukula, T. Ylimäinen

Thermodynamic property of hydrogen in molten stainless steel
J.Y. Kim, H.R. Lee, I.H. Kwon, Y. Kang

Selective laser melting manufacturing of stainless steels: heat treatment effect on microstructure and hardness in maraging steels
G. Stornelli, D. Gaggia, M. Gaggiotti, M. Rallini, A. Di Schino

Laser OES - How an efficient melt shop monitoring tool tackles increasing energy and raw material costs 
A. Schlemminger

Attualità industriale / Industry news

Technologies paving the way to carbon neutral stainless steel production
J. von Schéele, H. Alshawarghi, D. Razzari

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